Fleet Detailing

Premium Fleet Wash & Wax

Waxy Mobile Detailing offers a premium exterior detail for your entire fleet of vehicles. There is no job that is too big for the Waxy crew. We follow a strict wash and wax procedure to ensure your entire fleet shines like brand new vehicles.

We start with the wash procedure, which involves giving your cars a nice foam bath to loosen dirt and other particles that get coated on your cars over time, and then use microfiber towels to wipe away all the grime and bugs without smearing or scratching the surface of your vehicles. Then we scrub, clean, and shine your tires to give them a shiny black look. After that, we dry them with a microfiber towel and use a blow dryer to dry the hard to reach spots. Once that is complete, we clean and shine all of your exterior windows.

For the waxing procedure, we use premium high-quality wax to give your fleet the shine it deserves and keep it protected for weeks to come.